My frame has a crack in it. Yes, the DeRosa, the new (to me) frame has a crack on the hinge where the seat stay and chain stay meet. Clearly this doesn’t make me happy, but I talked with the folks at Rubber Soul, who originally sold the bike, and they are going to take a look at it for me. I can’t find any information about the warranty period for DeRosa’s, and having never gone through this I’m a bit saddened and quite bummed. Ideally, I can get this welded or fixed, or warrantied, but because I’m a worst-case scenario type of guy, I can see this moving me to either a.) find someone to tig-weld the aluminum crack, or b.) purchase a new frame.

Now of course, there’s always better gear out there, and the real kicker for my purchase was the component group (Campy Carbon 10’s), but having to plump down another chunk of money right after buying my wife a new bike presents me with hesitation. However, because this is my mode of transportation 3+ days a week to work, plus weekend rides, I’m kinda stuck. We JUST paid off the newegg credit card, and are down to a very low amount of consumer debt, and going back into debt, or tightening things up with another big purchse just isn’t what I want to do. /sigh

So tomorrow I’ll be bringing the bike around to Rich at Rubber Soul to take a look at it and assess what our options are moving forward. No riding this weekend for me, which may be good since the shoes still feel a bit tight with the whole toe situation (broken/jammed), but we will be looking for shoes for Lacy, as well as shorts, a jersey, gloves, shades and a helmet. I guess now that I think about it, we are pretty much going to be spending money on bike stuff anyways, just not on ME 😉 I’ll write more when I know more.